Notes on "A note on subgroups of automorphism groups of full shifts"

Alperin's paper:

I just (7th September 2017) found Alperin's paper when looking for something else: See here for a copy of the pdf on ResearchGate.

I was never able to find it, so I only cited the citation of it in Boyle-Lind-Rudolph. In hindsight, perhaps I could have guessed R. C. Alperin knows something about it. Though I never saw this note (that I can recall), my paper surely exists partially because I heard about this result several times, had to reconstruct a proof myself, and then took it a step further to make it worth my time.

Free products in automata groups and automatic groups

The "automorphism group of a full shift" is of course just a fancy name for the group of reversible cellular automata. There are other kinds of groups with "automaton" in their name: in particular automata groups and automatic groups. I do not know any connections between the three (except that groups of CA and automata groups are both subgroups of the rational group). Nevertheless, these classes have similar closure properties:

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