Findit is a game where you are presented with a large picture and a small picture. You try to find the small picture from the larger one, and repeat forever.

A mobile version can be downloaded here.

I originally made this game with JavaScript (that version available here) to train my pattern matching skills, to have an excuse to play with random generators, and because I figured this would be an improved version of the good-old "find the difference" type of game, as you don't have to cross your eyes or swap rapidly back and forth because the small picture is quick to memorize.

The mobile version currently has 13 levels, using different pseudorandom generators. Here's rough descriptions of some of the prngs used; there are several parameters I have adjusted to my liking and do not explain in detail.

I'm happy to receive comments and criticism about the game at vosalo(at)

Latest update July 28th, 2017.