You have 32 reds (that's 32 too many).
Moves not shown.
Select puzzle How many rows shown?

1. Select level and number of rows shown.
2. Press J, K and L to apply elementary CA 57 in cells 1, 2 and 3 (resp.) in the (up to 32) bottommost bit strings. The rule is: flip if white-on-right or black white-bereft-on-the-left.
3. Try to get rid of those pesky dots by equating the top and bottom bit strings.
4. Other keys: backspace, S, P.
This game sucks, why does it even exist?? Glad you asked! The e57 rule is a universal gate, meaning any reversible transformation of an infinite binary string that only modifies finitely many bits can be performed by applying e57 in different cells. Using a bit of elementary group theory, this reduces to solving the NOT puzzle. I prove this in a paper, and in said paper I solve the puzzle by computer because I figured this game would not be very human-friendly. I think I was right, but send me an email if you can solve NOT by hand with 8 rows visible.